About us

So firstly, we should be honest and let you know - we're just a little bit mad!  But actually that's okay because the last thing you want is your booth attendant to stand there looking bored and/or checking out their social media feeds!

Angel Photography was formed by Steph Burnett some 20-odd years ago (she won't tell us exactly how long ago in case any of us guest her age!)

Steph Burnett

is our founder and lead photographer - she is a qualified and experienced wedding and portrait photographer who has had the honour to be part of well over 300 weddings and only the good lord knows how many events - so she understands how important this is to you - this is the founding principal of our company

PHOTO-BOOTHS by Angel Photography

Angel Photography introduced photo-booths to their repertoire some 5 years ago - mainly because Steph thought we didn't have enough to do ;-).  Seriously though, the Photo-Booth concept is one that will stand the test of time - once you've experienced a photo-booth the "disposable camera's on the table" thing just isn't the same (and costs nearly as much once you factor in processing - all to get 12 half decent pics from 24 camera's!?!)  Let us do the work and present you with a ready completed album - with comments from your guests AND customised/personalised prints for them to remember your event by!


So yes, we could advertise that we do booths for just a couple hundred pounds BUT we prefer to give you the bottom line - with all the bells and whistles already included rather than hit you with "surprise" extra's - "Oh what? you want your guests to get a copy of the photos? that will be £x more, you want greenscreen? ah that will cost an extra £x, Video clips? Customised Print?  Nope - doesn't sit right with us!  If you're on a budget we get it, but just watch out for "hidden extras"!!

The STUDIO by Angfl Photography -Having a prom, leavers party or graduation ball? 


Why not hire our Studio experience?  We bring a full mobile high key studio and a trained photographer who takes free hand photos of individuals, couples, friend groups etc - just like a private photo-shoot!  All of the photos taken throughout the night are loaded onto one of our galleries so guests can download full sized, printable copies of their pics - as many as they like to keep - forever, no catches, no copyright issues!  Facebook, twitter, insta, whatever - email them to Aunt Better in Aus, print them on your Christmas cards, post them to Granny - anything goes!  Treat your guests to something extra-special by booking a Studio and a Booth and get an extra little something off the price too!  Limited availability, book early to avoid disappointment! 

i saw a ... (insert mirror/ipod booth etc here) do you do those?

We had a LOT of experience in providing photography services to our clients and we will ONLY provide products that we know are robust enough to work effectively and provide the service you have asked for. We have tested lots of the new/gimmick/"latest" equipment and are often asked our opinion on them.  We have yet to find anything which stands up to the rigours of event photography as well as, or as reliably as a "proper" photo-booth.  We are dealing with, lets be honest here, generally quite inebriated people in high spirits, with drinks, and high heels, and not very good balances, and the "boys" who are just a bit rowdy - so the equipment you book needs to be pretty robust!  The short answer is we'll only provide what we're happy to put our name to rather than risk letting you down on your big day!  To be fair some of the inflatable booths out there are pretty good, but we found that, for most venues they would be too big to fit safely - hope that helps!